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Aula F2066-II RGB Full Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Elevate your gaming with the Aula F2066-II RGB Full Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Unique high and low key layout, versatile lighting effects, and durable design for a premium gaming experience.

> High and Low Key Layout
> One-Key Dual-Mode Lighting Effects
> Stylish Metal Panel
> 20 Unique Lighting Effects
> Multiple Mechanical Switch Options


Aula F2066-II

Introducing the Aula F2066-II RGB Full Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, a cutting-edge addition to the world of gaming peripherals. This keyboard is packed with innovative features that cater to the demands of gamers, setting it apart as a premium choice for anyone who takes gaming seriously.

**High and Low Key Layout:** The keyboard features a unique high and low key layout that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional. This design promotes a comfortable and efficient typing experience, reducing the strain on your wrists during extended gaming or typing sessions.

**One-Key Dual-Mode and Multiple Lighting Effects:** Stand out from the crowd with the Aula F2066-II’s one-key dual-mode lighting effects. With the simple press of a key, you can switch between various captivating lighting modes to match your mood or game atmosphere. Choose from an impressive selection of 20 lighting effects, ranging from dynamic, attention-grabbing visuals to subtle, ambient lighting.

**Stylish Metal Panel:** The keyboard’s elegant metal panel design adds a touch of sophistication to your gaming setup. Its sleek black finish and the clear outline of the metal panel not only look good but also ensure the keyboard’s durability and stability, even during intense gaming sessions.

**Multiple Mechanical Switch Options:** Customization is key for gamers, and the Aula F2066-II delivers with a variety of mechanical switch options, including Green, Black, Tea, and Red. This means you can select the switches that match your preferred typing or gaming experience, whether you’re seeking tactile feedback or a smoother keystroke.

**60 Million Cycles of Service Life:** Durability is paramount for gaming gear, and this keyboard excels in this aspect. With a remarkable 60 million cycles of service life, it’s built to withstand rigorous use, ensuring that your keyboard remains responsive and reliable throughout your gaming adventures. The keys provide a satisfying tactile feel and an enjoyable typing experience.

In summary, the Aula F2066-II RGB Full Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a top-tier choice for gamers seeking a combination of style, performance, and durability. Its unique high and low key layout, versatile lighting options, elegant metal panel, mechanical switch variety, and exceptional durability make it a standout choice for elevating your gaming experience. Whether you crave a visually dynamic gaming atmosphere or a subtle, stylish design, this keyboard is ready to meet your needs. View All Products


Discover gaming excellence with the Aula F2066-II RGB Full Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Customizable lighting, sleek metal panel, and versatile switch options for the ultimate gaming setup.

Number of keys 104
Key stroke 4.0mm
Key force 60 ± 10mm
Key life 60 million times
Rated voltage / current DC 5V / <200mA
Product size 435 (L) × 131.8 (W) × 34.9 (H) mm
Product weight 690g
System requirements WindowsXP / 7/8/10


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