Vimtag EHB1 Wireless SOS Sensor


  • Emergency call button send alert on mobile application.
  • Wireless button with low power consumption.
  • Battery life for more than one year. In-Built LED indicator.
  • Connect Vimtag SOS Sensor with your Vimtag camera and simply convert your IP camera into a hi-tech security System. Perfect for all round Security, Home Monitoring, Pet Monitoring, Business Monitoring & Baby monitoring.
  • Protect us in case of natural calamity and also in case of fire. User will get alert on mobile application whenever the sensor is triggered. Wireless sensor with low power consumption. Battery life for more than one year, In-Built LED indicator.
  • Need VIMTAG RF connector to connect the sensor with Vimtag camera. Compatible with CP2, CP3 & F2 models of Vimtag cameras.
  • Easy to setup. Simply configure sensor with Vimtag camera using the RF connector.
    • Description
      • Attaching the Vimtag SOS sensors with your VIMTAG cameras will simply convert the camera into an emergency alarm system. Very useful for elderly, sick people & kids alone at home. During any emergency they can simply press the wireless SOS button and user will get alert on mobile application. User can then do the video chat with the kids using the VIMTAG camera.
      • With easy DIY technology, it is very simple to configure VIMTAG SOS sensor with your camera. Please note, it need VIMTAG RF plug to attach with camera first, then only the SOS sensor can be detected and configured with VIMTAG camera.
    • Features:
      • 1. Easy Installation: Simply attach RF plug with camera, open mobile app & configure SOS sensor in mobile app.2. Battery Operated: Always remain secure even in power cut with battery operated SOS sensor.
      • 3. Motion Alert: Helpful for elderly people & kida alone at home. In any emergency situation, get real time motion detection alert on mobile app.
      • SOS Calling
      • VIMTAG camera is compatible with SOS emergency calling button, With one touch emergency calling button, give an extra layer of protection to your family and friends in case of any emergency situation. Very helpful for elderly/sick people to alert user in case of any help needed. Also helpful for kids alone at home, they can simply press a button to alert parents in any unwanted emergency situation.



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