STEQ was established in the February of 2019 as a computer systems and solution provider for various industries. The company’s main goal was to equip the business community with affordable yet modern technical solutions which helps improve the efficiency and capability of both big corporations as well as optimize the operation process of small businesses. In the latter months of 2020, STEQ turned to the promotion and distribution of high quality technological hardware such as CCTV cameras, computer parts, bluetooth devices, routers, disk drives and many other electronic equipment, while still staying true to its original intent of being a solutions provider through its software arm, ZK Tech IT Solutions..

Today STEQ connects its clients with the most powerful and relevant technology catered specifically to each individual or business’ personalized needs.


To build long term synergistic relationships with all our stakeholders, in order to nurture holistic growth.


To empower the business community with affordable yet modern quality services and solutions, and to help them achieve higher profitability by improving the efficiency, and optimizing their business operations through computer systems.