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Aula AM201 2.4ghz Wireless Mouse


Experience seamless productivity with the AULA AM201 Wireless Office Mouse. Ergonomically designed for lasting comfort and precise control, it features a plug & play wireless receiver for effortless setup. Elevate your workflow effortlessly.

Plug & Play Wireless Receiver
> Ergonomics
> Lasting Power
> Precise Positioning
> Feel Comfortable



Discover a new realm of productivity and efficiency with the Aula AM201 Wireless Office Mouse. Seamlessly blending innovation with ergonomic design, this mouse is not just a peripheral—it’s a catalyst for improved workflow and elevated work experiences.

Picture a world where every click and scroll effortlessly translates to progress in your tasks. The AulaAM201 Wireless Office Mouse turns this vision into reality. Equipped with advanced wireless technology, it ensures a smooth and uninterrupted connection, providing you with the freedom to navigate and control your workspace with precision.

The design of the Aula AM201 is a masterpiece in itself. Ergonomically crafted to fit snugly in your hand, it minimizes strain during extended usage. The thoughtfully positioned buttons and scroll wheel ensure easy access and seamless operation, empowering you to execute tasks effortlessly.

Precision control is at the core of the AM201. Its cutting-edge sensor technology delivers high-resolution accuracy, boasting a remarkable DPI (dots per inch) range. This allows for fine-grained control and pixel-perfect accuracy, essential for tasks that demand meticulous attention.

“Elevate productivity with AM201 Wireless Office Mouse. Experience comfort, precise control, and effortless setup with the plug & play wireless receiver. Optimize your workflow and achieve more with this ergonomic marvel. Imagine a mouse that complements your work rhythm, intuitively responding to every move you make. The AM201 offers just that, with a key response that’s swift and accurate. Every click is optimized, every scroll is precise, and every movement is fluid, helping you achieve your tasks with unparalleled efficiency.”

Enhance your work setup and enjoy the benefits of a truly efficient mouse. The Aula AM201 Wireless Office Mouse redefines productivity, bringing you a blend of comfort, precision, and convenience like never before. Take charge of your workday and let the Aula AM201 elevate your performance to new heights. Your quest for the perfect office companion ends here—embrace the Aula AM201 experience. View All Products

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 cm


The AULA AM201 Wireless Office Mouse is more than just a peripheral; it’s a productivity powerhouse designed to optimize your workflow. Get your hands on this innovative mouse and experience the ultimate combination of comfort, precision, and convenience. Elevate your work experience and achieve unparalleled results with the AULA AM201

 Transmission method 2.4GHz
Transmission distance 10M
Resolution 1200 DPI
Voltage and current DC 1.5/13mA
Product weight about 65g (including receiver)
Product size 110.3×59.5.5×32.7mm
System Requirements Microsoft Windows®2000/WIN XP/WIN7/WIN8/WIN10


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