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Aula F-X5 RGB Gaming Professional Mouse Pad


The Aula F-X5 RGB Gaming Mouse Pad redefines your gaming setup with precision and style. Its steady base, 14 lighting modes, and soft microfiber surface elevate your gaming experience to new heights.

> Pixel-precise Targeting & Optimized Tracking
> Steady, Rubber Base
> USB Powered, Plug & Play
> Detachable Cord Length 1.8m
> 14 Mode Spectrum Backlighting (7 Colors)
> Soft Microfiber Surface Optimized


Aula F-X5

Introducing the Aula F-X5 RGB Gaming Professional Mouse Pad, the ultimate addition to your gaming setup. This cutting-edge accessory offers an unbeatable combination of precision, style, and convenience.

The Aula F-X5 boasts a steady rubber base that ensures your mouse pad stays firmly in place during even the most intense gaming sessions. No more annoying slips or slides to disrupt your gameplay. Plus, the USB-powered plug-and-play design makes it incredibly simple to set up – just plug it in and you’re ready to go.

The detachable 1.8-meter cord adds versatility to your setup. You can easily customize the cord length to suit your needs and prevent tangling. With 14 mesmerizing spectrum backlighting modes, featuring 7 vibrant colors, your gaming area will come alive with a dazzling display of light.

The Aula F-X5 stands out due to its meticulously crafted soft microfiber surface. This surface strikes the perfect balance between speed and control, making it compatible with all mouse sensitivities and sensors. Whether you’re inclined towards swift, high-precision maneuvers or a more deliberate, slower tracking style, this mouse pad ensures pixel-perfect targeting and tracking.

The soft microfiber surface is a gaming enthusiast’s dream come true. It facilitates rapid cursor movements while still affording you the precision needed for pixel-level accuracy in your games. Whether you’re navigating complex terrain, engaging in intense firefights, or executing precise design work, this mouse pad empowers you to perform at your best.

Incorporating cutting-edge technology, the Aula F-X5 optimizes your gaming experience, allowing you to achieve your full potential, regardless of your preferred sensitivity settings. Elevate your gaming to a whole new level with this mouse pad, where speed, control, and precision seamlessly merge to enhance your performance.

In summary, the Aula F-X5 RGB Gaming Professional Mouse Pad combines functionality, aesthetics, and adaptability into one sleek package. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to unbeatable performance with this mouse pad, and elevate your gaming experience to the next level. View All Products

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 4 cm


Experience next-level gaming with the Aula F-X5 RGB Gaming Professional Mouse Pad. Designed for precision and style, it combines a steady rubber base, 14 spectrum backlighting modes, and a soft microfiber surface. Elevate your gameplay with this essential accessory and conquer the virtual world with pixel-precise targeting and tracking.

Brand Aula
Bottom: Black Rubber Pad
Lighting Effects: 14 Lighting Effects
Product Size: 5W /7.5W/10W Thermal Transfer
Process: About 800 X 300 X 4mm
Line Length: 1800mm
Whether it is Boxed Genuine: Yes


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