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Aula S12 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse


Discover the Aula S12 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse—a perfect blend of precision and comfort. Experience ergonomic design, vibrant tail glow, and customizable buttons for ultimate gameplay. Elevate your gaming with this powerful, responsive peripheral.

> Aula S12 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse
> DPI High Resolution
> Ergonomics & Comfortable Feel
> Gaming Chip Optical Engine
> Tail Glow
> Always-On Mode
> FPS Optimized Sensor
> Programable Button Function


Aula S12

Introducing the Aula S12 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse, an exceptional gaming peripheral engineered to take your gaming prowess to new heights. This advanced gaming mouse is meticulously designed to cater to the demands of both casual and competitive gamers, ensuring an immersive and comfortable gaming experience.

At the core of the Aula S12 is its remarkable DPI (dots per inch) high resolution, offering precise and swift cursor movements. With a maximum DPI of 4800, you can adjust the sensitivity on-the-fly to suit various gaming scenarios, providing you with unparalleled accuracy and responsiveness during gameplay. Whether you need lightning-fast movements or precise targeting, this gaming mouse has got you covered.

Ergonomics and comfort are paramount during those lengthy gaming sessions, and the Aula S12 doesn’t disappoint. The design of this mouse prioritizes your hand’s natural posture, minimizing strain and fatigue, even during extended gaming marathons. The comfortable grip ensures you stay focused and at the top of your game without any discomfort.

The Aula S12 is powered by a cutting-edge gaming chip optical engine, elevating its performance to professional gaming standards. This optical engine translates your movements into seamless on-screen actions, providing a fluid and lag-free gaming experience. The gaming chip ensures that every click and movement is registered accurately, giving you the competitive edge needed to dominate your opponents.

Enhancing its aesthetic appeal, the Aula S12 features a captivating tail glow that adds a visually stunning element to your gaming setup. The tail glow not only looks impressive but also adds to the overall gaming ambiance, immersing you deeper into your gameplay.

With the always-on mode, the Aula S12 ensures that your mouse is always ready for action. You can jump into your favorite games at a moment’s notice, with no lag or delays. Additionally, the FPS optimized sensor ensures that the mouse is specifically tuned for first-person shooter games, giving you unparalleled precision and accuracy in those crucial gaming moments.

To further personalize your gaming experience, the Aula S12 boasts programmable button functions. You have the flexibility to assign specific commands or macros to these buttons, tailoring the mouse to your unique playstyle. This customization empowers you to execute complex maneuvers with just a click, giving you a competitive edge in every game you play.

In conclusion, the Aula S12 4800 DPI Gaming Mouse is a high-performance gaming peripheral that combines precision, comfort, and customization. Elevate your gaming experience with this powerhouse of a mouse and dominate the virtual battlefield with ease. View All Products

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 cm


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