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Aula S2022 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Elevate your gaming experience with the Aula S2022 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Durable keycaps, ultra-thin design, intelligent features, and customizable backlighting for a personalized gaming setup.

> Durable Two-Color Injection Keycaps
> Ultra-Thin Design with 2.0mm Trigger Stroke
> Mechanical Axis Switch for 60 Million Keystrokes
> 26-Key Conflict-Free Function
> Intelligent Sleep Mode
> Keycap and Gap Backlight
> Humanized Shortcut Function Keys


Aula S2022

The Aula S2022 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a powerful addition to any gamer’s arsenal, offering a blend of durability, performance, and user-friendly features that elevate your gaming experience.

Durable Two-Color Injection Keycaps:
The keycaps on the Aula S2022 keyboard are built to last. They utilize a two-color injection molding process, ensuring that the key legends remain vivid and fade-resistant even after prolonged use. This added durability is a testament to the keyboard’s long-lasting quality.

Ultra-Thin Design with 2.0mm Trigger Stroke:
This keyboard impresses with its ultra-thin profile, while maintaining highly sensitive and responsive keystrokes. The 2.0mm trigger stroke ensures quick and precise key actuation, a crucial feature for gamers who rely on rapid inputs.

Mechanical Axis Switch for 60 Million Keystrokes:
The Aula S2022 keyboard features a mechanical axis switch design, which provides both durability and an excellent tactile feel. With a remarkable 60 million keystrokes lifespan, this keyboard is built to withstand the most intense gaming marathons.

26-Key Conflict-Free Function:
The 26-key conflict-free function ensures that every keystroke is accurately registered, even when multiple keys are pressed simultaneously. Gamers can execute complex combos and commands with confidence, without any input lag.

Intelligent Sleep Mode:
To conserve energy and extend the life of the keyboard, the Aula S2022 is equipped with an intelligent sleep mode. When the host enters sleep or standby mode, the backlight function is automatically turned off. The keyboard then seamlessly resumes its previous mode when the host is reactivated.

Keycap and Gap Backlight:
The keyboard offers customizable backlighting, illuminating the keycaps and the gaps between them for a visually striking effect. Users have the flexibility to choose between a single color or mixed light, allowing for personalization to match their gaming setup.

Humanized Shortcut Function Keys:
Incorporating user-friendly design, the keyboard includes a set of commonly used shortcut function keys, accessible through the Fn key. This feature streamlines tasks and enhances productivity for both gaming and general use.

In summary, the Aula S2022 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers seeking a durable, high-performance keyboard with intelligent features and a user-friendly design. It combines durability, responsiveness, and a personalized gaming experience, making it a valuable addition to any gaming setup. View All Products

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 18 × 8 × 3 cm


Enhance your gaming setup with the Aula S2022 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Durable keycaps, ultra-thin design, and intelligent features for optimal gaming performance and style.

Brand AULA
Model S2022
Number of keys 104 keys
Button life About 60 million times
Keyboard cable length 1.6m
Transmission method USB interface
Keyboard size 435x125x38mm
System requirements WIN XP WIN7,WIN8,WIN10


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