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Aula S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset


Elevate your gaming with the Aula S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset. Discover lossless wireless audio, pinpoint accuracy, and all-day comfort for a competitive gaming experience like no other.

> Lossless wireless audio with Low-Latency and Real-Time transmission
> Plug & Play for High-End audio performance,designed for gaming
> Pinpoint positional accuracy for greater immersion and competitive gaming
> Light-Weight and All-Day comfort
> Up to 20 hour playtime for Non-stop gaming
> Ultra-Soft breathable memory foam ear cushion & Auto-Adjusting headband for extend gaming sessions
> On-Ear volume control and Mute
> Detachable microphone, Noise-cancellation for uninterrupted focus


Aula S609

Discover the future of gaming audio with the Aula S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset. This state-of-the-art headset is designed to take your gaming experience to unprecedented levels, offering a combination of precision, comfort, and convenience.

At the core of the Aula S609 is its innovative lossless wireless audio technology, guaranteeing low-latency, real-time sound transmission. Whether you’re deeply engaged in intense battles or immersed in captivating virtual worlds, the Aula S609 ensures a genuine audiophile gaming experience with every sound delivered in precision and clarity.

Tailored specifically for gamers, this headset is a plug-and-play solution, guaranteeing high-end audio performance. With pinpoint positional accuracy, you can immerse yourself in the action, gaining a competitive edge that’s crucial for any serious gamer.

Despite its robust features, the S609 is remarkably lightweight, making it comfortable for all-day wear. The ultra-soft, breathable memory foam ear cushions and auto-adjusting headband provide comfort during extended gaming sessions. With up to 20 hours of playtime, you can enjoy non-stop gaming without interruptions.

The Aula S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset offers ultimate control and communication. With on-ear volume control and a mute button at your fingertips, you can effortlessly tailor your audio experience to your preferences, ensuring every sound is just right. The detachable microphone is equipped with noise cancellation technology, guaranteeing crystal clear communication with your team. No more distractions or background noise – just uninterrupted, focused gaming sessions where your voice comes through with clarity, allowing you to strategize and coordinate seamlessly with your teammates. It’s the perfect balance of control and communication, enhancing your gaming experience like never before.

In summary, the S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset is the ultimate gaming companion, featuring lossless wireless audio, pinpoint accuracy, and all-day comfort. Elevate your gaming and gain a competitive edge with this exceptional headset. Experience the future of gaming audio with S609. View All Products

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Black, Blue, Green


Unleash your gaming potential with the Aula S609 Tri-mode Gaming Headset. Enjoy lossless wireless audio, pinpoint accuracy, and all-day comfort for a competitive edge.

Brand Aula
Speaker diameter Φ50mm
Lithium battery 3.7V -1000mAh
Latency 2.4G<40ms
Backlight off  2.4G>20H


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