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AWP ARC2000RT 1600W Rackmount Tower UPS


Reliable AWP ARC2000RT: 2000VA/1600W UPS, adeptly combines rackmount and tower design, ensuring uninterrupted power supply with line interactive technology for critical systems.

> Line interactive design
> Reliable power backup
> Versatile Configuration
> Seamless Power Continuity
> Ideal for Critical Systems


The AWP ARC2000RT 2000VA/1600W Rackmount Tower Line Interactive UPS is a robust and versatile power protection solution designed to safeguard critical equipment in both rack and tower configurations. With its 2000VA/1600W capacity, this UPS offers reliable power backup to ensure uninterrupted operation of sensitive electronics, including servers, network equipment, storage devices, and more.

Featuring a line-interactive topology, the AWP ARC2000RT offers enhanced efficiency and protection against power fluctuations. During minor power fluctuations or voltage sags, the UPS seamlessly switches to battery power to maintain a steady output voltage, keeping connected devices safe from potential damage. This feature is crucial for environments where power quality may vary, providing peace of mind for IT professionals and business owners alike.

The UPS is housed in a compact and sturdy rackmount tower chassis, allowing for flexible installation options to accommodate various setups and space constraints. Its ergonomic design simplifies deployment in server rooms, data centers, or office environments, maximizing valuable floor space while ensuring convenient accessibility for maintenance tasks.

Equipped with advanced battery management capabilities, the AWP ARC2000RT optimizes battery performance and extends battery life, contributing to lower total cost of ownership over the lifespan of the UPS. Users can monitor the UPS status and configure settings through an intuitive LCD display interface, enabling easy management and customization according to specific requirements.

To further enhance reliability, the UPS incorporates comprehensive protection features such as automatic voltage regulation (AVR), which stabilizes input voltage fluctuations without relying on battery power, thereby extending battery runtime for critical loads. Additionally, built-in surge and spike protection guards against transient voltage surges, safeguarding connected equipment from potentially harmful electrical disturbances.

With its robust performance, versatile deployment options, and intelligent features, the AWP ARC2000RT 2000VA/1600W Rackmount Tower Line Interactive UPS is an ideal solution for businesses and organizations seeking dependable power protection for their valuable IT infrastructure. Whether in small offices or enterprise environments, this UPS delivers the reliability and peace of mind necessary to maintain uninterrupted operations and safeguard critical data and equipment. View All Products

Weight 24.5 kg
Dimensions 44 × 41 × 13.2 cm


Ratings 2000VA/1600W
Battery 3x 12V/9AH
Interface 6x Universal Socket, LCD Display, USB, FAX/Modem
Dimensions(WxDxH) 440x410x132mm
Weight(Net/Gross) 21.3Kg/24.5Kg


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