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Huntkey GX122 RGB Desktop Case Fan


Elevate your desktop’s cooling with the Huntkey GX122 RGB Desktop Case Fan. Enjoy enhanced airflow and vibrant RGB lighting to keep your system running in style.

> Transparent fan blade
> High air flow, low noise
> Big 4 PIN interface design, convenient to use
> Cushioning rubber pad
>Dazzle/white/blue light is optional


The Huntkey GX122 RGB Desktop Case Fan is a high-performance cooling solution designed to enhance airflow and add vibrant lighting effects to your PC setup. Engineered with precision and style, this fan offers a perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for gaming enthusiasts and PC builders alike.

At the heart of the GX122 fan lies its powerful cooling capabilities. With a maximum airflow of up to 45 cubic feet per minute (CFM) and a variable speed range of 800 to 1600 revolutions per minute (RPM), it ensures efficient heat dissipation, keeping your system running smoothly even during intense gaming sessions or CPU-heavy tasks. The fan’s hydraulic bearing design ensures quiet operation, minimizing noise levels to maintain a peaceful computing environment.

One of the standout features of the GX122 fan is its vibrant RGB lighting system. Equipped with 16 individually addressable RGB LEDs, it offers a dazzling array of colors and lighting effects, allowing you to customize the look of your PC to match your preferences or sync with other RGB components for a cohesive aesthetic. With support for popular motherboard RGB synchronization technologies such as ASUS Aura Sync, MSI Mystic Light Sync, and Gigabyte RGB Fusion, you can easily integrate the GX122 fan into your existing RGB ecosystem.

Installation is a breeze thanks to the included mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. The fan’s universal design ensures compatibility with most desktop cases, making it suitable for a wide range of builds. Whether you’re upgrading an existing system or building a new rig from scratch, the GX122 fan offers flexibility and versatility to meet your cooling needs.

Constructed from high-quality materials, including durable ABS plastic and reinforced fan blades, the GX122 fan is built to last. Its sleek and modern design adds a touch of sophistication to any PC build, while the included anti-vibration pads help minimize noise and ensure stable operation.

In summary, the Huntkey GX122 RGB Desktop Case Fan combines powerful cooling performance with stunning RGB lighting effects, making it a must-have accessory for gamers and PC enthusiasts looking to elevate their computing experience. View All Products


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