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Huntkey PZC504-4 5 Socket Surge Protector


Introducing the Huntkey PZC504-4 5 Socket Surge Protector, a reliable and efficient solution for safeguarding your valuable electronic devices.

> Five universal standard outlets
> Independent switches
> Surge protection
> Overload protection
> Flame retardant material
> MAX2500W-MAX10A, 250V

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Introducing the Huntkey PZC504-4 5 Socket Surge Protector, a reliable and efficient solution for safeguarding your valuable electronic devices. With its advanced features and sturdy construction, this surge protector ensures the protection of your devices from power fluctuations, surges, and overloads.

Equipped with five universal standard outlets, the PZC504-4 provides ample space to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you need to plug in your computer, gaming console, printer, or other electronic devices, this surge protector has you covered.

Each socket on the surge protector features an independent switch, allowing you to control the power supply to individual devices. This feature not only provides convenience but also helps to save energy by easily turning off devices when not in use.

The PZC504-4 is designed to protect your devices from power surges and fluctuations that can potentially damage sensitive electronics. With its surge protection mechanism, it absorbs excess voltage and diverts it away from your devices, providing reliable protection and peace of mind.

Furthermore, this surge protector incorporates overload protection to prevent damage caused by excessive current draw. If the total power consumption exceeds the rated capacity of MAX2500W-MAX10A and 250V, the surge protector automatically cuts off the power supply, preventing any potential hazards.

Safety is a top priority, and the PZC504-4 is built with flame retardant material, ensuring enhanced fire safety. This material is designed to resist ignition and slow down the spread of fire, providing an additional layer of protection for your devices and your home.

The compact and sleek design of the PZC504-4 makes it easy to integrate into any home or office environment. Its dimensions are optimized for space efficiency, allowing you to conveniently place it on a desk, countertop, or mount it on a wall.

In summary, the Huntkey PZC504-4 5 Socket Surge Protector is a reliable and feature-rich solution for protecting your electronic devices from power surges, fluctuations, and overloads. With its five universal outlets, independent switches, surge protection, overload protection, and flame retardant material, it offers a high level of safety and convenience. Invest in the Huntkey PZC504-4 to ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your valuable electronics. View All Products

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Dimensions 15 × 48 × 5 cm


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