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Huntkey SZC501-4 5 Socket Surge Protector


The Huntkey SZC501-4 5 Socket Surge Protector is a reliable and versatile power solution designed to safeguard your electronic devices from power surges and fluctuations.

> Cable length 2 meters Capacity : 210 joules / 6500a
> Five-outlet socket with night light indicator
> Energy-saving night light strip indicator
> Overload protection with one-key recovery
> Strong holder
> Environmentally-friendly flame-retardant material for fire and moisture protection

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Huntkey SZC501- 4 5 Socket Surge Protector

The Huntkey SZC501-4 5 Socket Surge Protector is a reliable and versatile power solution designed to safeguard your electronic devices from power surges and fluctuations. With its advanced features and durable construction, this surge protector offers a convenient and safe way to connect multiple devices while providing additional benefits.

Featuring a 2-meter cable length, the Huntkey SZC501-4 allows for flexible placement of your devices, making it suitable for various home or office setups. This extended cable length ensures that you can easily connect your electronics without being constrained by proximity to power outlets.

With a capacity of 210 joules and 6500A, this surge protector provides robust surge protection for your devices. It effectively absorbs and dissipates excess energy caused by power spikes, safeguarding your valuable electronics from potential damage.

The surge protector features a five-outlet socket configuration, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. Whether you need to power your computer, gaming console, television, or other gadgets, this surge protector provides ample outlets to accommodate your needs.

One unique feature of the Huntkey SZC501-4 is the inclusion of a night light indicator. The surge protector is equipped with a built-in night light strip that serves as an energy-saving indicator. It provides subtle illumination in dark environments, making it easier to locate and access the surge protector while also saving energy compared to traditional bright indicators.

The surge protector also includes overload protection with a convenient one-key recovery function. In the event of an overload, simply press the one-key recovery button to reset the surge protector and restore power to your devices. This feature ensures the longevity and safety of your connected electronics.

The Huntkey SZC501-4 is built with a strong holder, allowing you to securely position it on a desk, table, or any other suitable surface. The holder prevents accidental movement or displacement of the surge protector, ensuring stability and easy access to your connected devices.

To prioritize safety, the surge protector is constructed with an environmentally-friendly flame-retardant material. This material provides fire and moisture protection, reducing the risk of electrical accidents and enhancing the overall safety of your home or office environment.

In conclusion, the Huntkey SZC501-4 5 Socket Surge Protector offers a reliable and comprehensive power solution for your electronic devices. With its long cable length, multiple outlets, energy-saving night light indicator, overload protection, strong holder, and flame-retardant material, this surge protector ensures both convenience and safety. Protect your valuable electronics and enjoy peace of mind with the Huntkey SZC501-4 surge protector. View All Products

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