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Wi-Tek WI-PMS328GF-Alien Smart PoE Switch


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Experience seamless power management with Wi-Tek WI-PMS328GF-Alien Smart PoE Switch. Effortlessly control and optimize power distribution for enhanced networking efficiency and reliability. Discover smart PoE solutions for your network infrastructure.

> 24GE+4Combo Full Gigabit Switch with 24 PoE ports
> software for port 1-4
> Support 802.3bt 90W for port 5-8, 802.3af/at 30W for port 9-24
> Internal power adapter supply 400W output power
> Support STP/RSTP
> Up to 4K QVLANs simultaneously
> Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)


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The Wi-Tek WI-PMS328GF-Alien Smart PoE Switch is a cutting-edge networking device designed to meet the demands of modern businesses and enterprises. With its advanced features and intelligent design, this switch offers unparalleled performance, reliability, and flexibility for powering and managing network devices.

At the heart of the WI-PMS328GF-Alien is its Power over Ethernet (PoE) capability, which allows it to deliver both data and power to connected devices over a single Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for separate power sources, simplifying installation and reducing costs. With support for IEEE 802.3af/at PoE standards, the switch can power a wide range of devices, including IP cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, and more.

Featuring 24 Gigabit PoE ports and 4 Gigabit SFP ports, the WI-PMS328GF-Alien provides ample connectivity options for expanding and optimizing network infrastructure. The Gigabit Ethernet ports deliver high-speed data transfer rates, ensuring smooth and efficient communication between devices. Meanwhile, the SFP ports offer fiber optic connectivity for extending network reach over long distances and providing greater flexibility in network design.

One of the standout features of the WI-PMS328GF-Alien is its intelligent management capabilities. Equipped with a user-friendly web interface and supported by Wi-Tek’s proprietary management software, administrators can easily configure and monitor the switch to optimize network performance and troubleshoot issues quickly. Advanced features such as VLAN support, QoS prioritization, and link aggregation further enhance network efficiency and reliability.

In addition to its performance and management features, the WI-PMS328GF-Alien prioritizes security to safeguard sensitive data and protect against potential threats. With support for features like MAC address binding, port security, and access control lists (ACLs), administrators can enforce strict access policies and prevent unauthorized access to the network.

Overall, the Wi-Tek WI-PMS328GF-Alien Smart PoE Switch is a versatile and powerful networking solution ideal for businesses seeking to build or expand their network infrastructure. With its combination of PoE functionality, robust performance, intelligent management, and advanced security features, it delivers the reliability and flexibility required to support the diverse needs of modern networks.   View All Products

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Hardware Specification
Interface 24 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45
(Auto Negotiation/Auto
4 1000Mbps Gigabit Combo
SFP Slots
1 Console Port
Network Media 10BASE-T: UTP category 3, 4,
5 cable (maximum 100m)
UTP category 5, 5e, 6 or
above cable (maximum 100m)
1000Base-L X:62.5μm/50μm
MM(2m~550m) or 10μm
Fan Quantity 2 Fan
Power Consumption 400W
External Power Supply AC 110~240V 50/60HZ
PoE Ports (RJ45) Port1-4: 24V Passive POE and
802.3 AF/AT 30W compliant Port5-8: 802.3 AF/AT/BT 90W
Port9-24: 802.3 AF/AT 30W
Power Supply: 400W
Exchange Capacity 56G
Packet Forwarding Rate 41.7Mpps
Mac Address Table 16K
Packet Buffer Memory 12Mb
Jumbo Frame 10240 Bytes
Dimensions 440mm*290mm*45mm


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