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ZKTeco AL-180M Magnetic Lock And Brackets


Secure your premises with the ZKTeco AL-180M Magnetic Lock and Brackets. Reliable, durable locking system for enhanced safety. Explore its advanced features for robust security solutions today.

> Durable Brackets Included
> High-Quality Design
> Reliable Security Solution
> Advanced Locking Mechanism
> Suitable for Various Spaces
> Easy Installation Process


The ZKTeco AL-180M Magnetic Lock and Brackets offer robust security solutions for various access control systems. Designed with durability and reliability in mind, this magnetic lock system ensures secure locking mechanisms for doors in commercial, industrial, and high-security environments.

At the heart of the system is the AL-180M magnetic lock, renowned for its powerful holding force. With a sturdy construction and high-grade materials, it provides a formidable barrier against unauthorized access. The lock’s electromagnet exerts a strong magnetic force when energized, effectively securing the door against forced entry attempts.

Installation is made simple and versatile with the included brackets. These brackets are crafted to complement the magnetic lock’s design while offering flexible mounting options to suit different door configurations. Whether it’s inward or outward swinging doors, the brackets provide a reliable and secure attachment for the magnetic lock, ensuring optimal performance.

The AL-180M Magnetic Lock and Brackets integrate seamlessly with ZKTeco’s access control systems, enhancing overall security measures. By pairing with compatible access control devices such as keypads, card readers, or biometric scanners, users can manage and monitor access with precision. This integration allows for streamlined operation and centralized control over entry points, making it ideal for businesses, government facilities, and other institutions where security is paramount.

One of the notable features of the AL-180M system is its fail-safe/fail-secure functionality. Users have the option to configure the lock to either remain locked (fail-safe) or unlocked (fail-secure) in the event of a power failure. This ensures continuity of security protocols according to specific requirements or safety protocols.

Furthermore, the AL-180M Magnetic Lock and Brackets prioritize safety with built-in features such as anti-residual magnetism, preventing the door from being forced open when the lock is deactivated. Additionally, the system is designed with low power consumption, contributing to energy efficiency and reducing operational costs over time.

In summary, the ZKTeco AL-180M Magnetic Lock and Brackets offer a comprehensive security solution characterized by robust construction, easy installation, seamless integration, and enhanced safety features. Trusted by businesses and organizations worldwide, it provides peace of mind knowing that access points are effectively safeguarded against unauthorized entry. View All Products

Weight 1.02 kg
Dimensions 19 × 2 × 3 cm


Voltage 150kg
Holding Force DC12V/24V input
Weight 1.02kg
Size 198*21*35mm


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