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ZKTeco AL-280PU Magnetic Lock And Brackets


Secure your space with ZKTeco’s AL-280PU Magnetic Lock and Brackets. Reliable and durable, this locking solution ensures safety. Explore its seamless integration for enhanced security and peace of mind.

> Strong magnetic lock mechanism
> Sturdy, durable build
> Enhanced security features
> Reliable locking solution
> Easy installation and setup


The ZKTeco AL-280PU Magnetic Lock And Brackets present a robust and reliable solution for securing access points in various commercial and industrial settings. Designed with cutting-edge technology by ZKTeco, a leading provider of security and access control solutions, this magnetic lock system offers unparalleled strength and durability.

At the core of the system is the AL-280PU magnetic lock, renowned for its high holding force and fail-safe operation. With a sturdy construction and powerful magnetic force, this lock ensures that doors remain securely locked until authorized access is granted. Its fail-safe design means that in the event of power failure or emergency situations, the lock will release instantly, allowing for safe egress.

The accompanying brackets are crafted with precision to provide seamless integration with different door frames and structures. Made from high-quality materials, these brackets offer a secure mounting solution for the magnetic lock, enhancing its stability and performance. The versatile design of the brackets allows for flexible installation options, catering to various door configurations and environments.

Installation of the ZKTeco AL-280PU Magnetic Lock And Brackets is straightforward, thanks to their user-friendly design and comprehensive installation instructions. Whether retrofitting existing access control systems or installing new ones, integrators and installers will appreciate the ease and efficiency of setting up this solution.

One of the key highlights of the AL-280PU magnetic lock system is its compatibility with ZKTeco’s extensive range of access control products and software platforms. This interoperability allows for seamless integration with existing security infrastructure, enabling centralized management and enhanced security functionalities.

In addition to its robust security features, the AL-280PU magnetic lock system boasts energy efficiency, consuming minimal power while delivering maximum performance. This ensures cost-effective operation and reduces the overall environmental footprint of the access control system.

Overall, the ZKTeco AL-280PU Magnetic Lock And Brackets combine advanced technology, durability, and ease of installation to provide a comprehensive solution for securing access points in diverse commercial and industrial environments. Whether safeguarding office buildings, warehouses, or critical infrastructure. View All Products

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 25.3 × 5 × 3 cm


Weight .32kg
Size 253x50x30mm


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