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ZKTeco C3-200 Package B IP-based Door Access Control Panel


Elevate security with the ZKTeco C3-200 Package B IP-based Door Access Control Panel. Seamlessly manage access, offering robust security measures, efficient control, and seamless integration. Explore advanced solutions for streamlined security management.

> 1 x C3-400 Controller
– Users: 30,000
– Records: 100,000
– Software: ZKaccess 3.5 (FREE)
> 1 x Metallic Box
> 1 x Power Supply “


The ZKTeco C3-200 Package B IP-based Door Access Control Panel is a comprehensive solution designed to enhance security and streamline access management for various facilities. Engineered by ZKTeco, a leading provider of security and biometric access control solutions, this system offers advanced features to meet the evolving needs of modern security environments.

At the core of the system is the C3-200 access control panel, a robust and reliable device that serves as the central hub for controlling access to doors within a facility. The panel supports both traditional RFID card readers and advanced biometric devices, providing versatile options for authentication. This flexibility allows organizations to choose the most suitable authentication method for their specific security requirements.

One of the key highlights of the C3-200 Package B is its IP-based connectivity, which enables seamless integration with existing network infrastructure. This allows for remote management and monitoring of access control systems, providing administrators with real-time visibility and control over access points from anywhere with internet access. Additionally, the IP-based architecture facilitates easy expansion and scalability, making it suitable for deployments of varying sizes, from small offices to large enterprise environments.

The Package B configuration includes essential components such as RFID card readers, exit buttons, and electric locks, providing a complete access control solution out of the box. The inclusion of these components simplifies the installation process and ensures compatibility and interoperability between different system elements.

With support for advanced access control features such as time-based access restrictions, anti-passback, and duress alarm, the C3-200 Package B offers enhanced security capabilities to protect sensitive areas and assets. Administrators can configure granular access policies tailored to their organization’s needs, ensuring that only authorized individuals are granted entry to restricted areas.

Furthermore, the system is equipped with comprehensive logging and reporting capabilities, allowing administrators to track access events, generate audit trails, and analyze access patterns for improved security and compliance. This level of visibility enables organizations to identify and respond to security incidents promptly.

In summary, the ZKTeco C3-200 Package B IP-based Door Access Control Panel combines robust hardware, advanced features, and seamless connectivity to provide a comprehensive solution for enhancing security and access management in various environments. Whether securing an office building, a data center, or a government facility, this solution offers the reliability and flexibility needed to meet the demands of modern access control systems. View All Products

Weight 3.4 kg
Dimensions 38 × 8 × 28 cm


Number of Doors Controlled C3-100: 1 Door, C3-200: 2 Door, C3-400: 4 Door
Number of Readers Supported C3-100: 2, C3-200: 4, C3-400: 4
Types of Readers Supported 26-bit Wiegand, others upon request
Number of Inputs C3-100: 2 (Exit Device and Door Status), C3-200: 6 (2 Exit Device, 2 Door Status, 2 AUX), C3-400: 12 (4 Exit Device, 4 Door Status, 4 AUX)
Number of Outputs C3-100: 2 (1-From C Relay for Lock and 1-Form C Relay for Aux Output), C3-200: 4 (2-From C Relay for Lock and 2-Form C Relay for Aux Output), C3-400: 8 (4-Form C Relay for Lock and 4-Form C Relay for Aux Output)
Card Holders Capacity 30,000
Log Events Capacity 100,000
Weight C3-100: 0.30kg, C3-200: 0.34kg, C3-400: 0.46kg
Communication TCP/IP and RS-485
Enclosure Powder Coated Aluminium
Mounting Wall Mount
Power Supply 12V DC, 1.5A
Dimension C3-100: 175 * 99 mm (L*W), C3-200: 175 * 99 mm (L*W), C3-400: 216 * 99 mm (L*W)


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