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ZKTeco FR1200/ID Fingerprint reader


Discover the cutting-edge ZKTeco FR1200/ID Fingerprint Reader, blending advanced biometric technology with user-friendly design. Elevate security with precise identification, seamless integration, and reliable access control.

> RS485 communication interface
> Compatible with biometric access controllers
> Works with fingerprint standalone access control
> Supports inBIO series controllers, F8, and more
> IP65 rated rugged structure
> Extra durability


The ZKTeco FR1200/ID Fingerprint Reader is a cutting-edge biometric device designed to provide efficient and secure access control solutions for various environments. This sleek and compact device offers advanced fingerprint recognition technology coupled with the versatility of RFID card authentication, ensuring enhanced security and convenience for users.

At the heart of the FR1200/ID is its robust fingerprint recognition system, which utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms to capture and analyze unique fingerprint patterns with exceptional accuracy. This ensures reliable and rapid identification, allowing authorized individuals seamless access while maintaining stringent security protocols. The device boasts a high-resolution optical sensor capable of capturing detailed fingerprint images, even in diverse environmental conditions, ensuring reliable performance across different user demographics.

In addition to fingerprint authentication, the FR1200/ID features integrated RFID card reading capabilities, offering users alternative methods for access control. This dual authentication mechanism provides flexibility for organizations to adopt multi-factor authentication strategies, further fortifying security measures against unauthorized access attempts. Users can choose between fingerprint recognition, RFID card authentication, or a combination of both, depending on their specific security requirements and preferences.

Installation and integration of the FR1200/ID are straightforward, thanks to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with various access control systems. The device supports both standalone operation and seamless integration with existing security infrastructures, allowing for easy deployment in diverse environments such as offices, commercial facilities, educational institutions, and more.

The FR1200/ID is built to withstand the rigors of daily use, featuring a durable construction and tamper-resistant design to ensure long-term reliability and security. Its compact form factor makes it ideal for installations where space is limited, without compromising on functionality or performance.

Furthermore, the FR1200/ID offers additional features such as configurable access control settings, event logging, and remote management capabilities, empowering administrators with comprehensive control and oversight of access privileges and security events. With its blend of advanced biometric technology, versatile authentication options, and robust construction, the ZKTeco FR1200/ID Fingerprint Reader stands as a dependable solution for organizations seeking to enhance their access control systems with cutting-edge security features. View All Products

Weight 1.36 kg
Dimensions 3.73 × 5 × 10.2 cm


Model FR1200
CPU 324 MHz
Fingerprint Sensor ZK Small Size Sensor
Algorithm Version ZKFinger VX10.0
Communication RS485
Standard Function ID Card Module
Optional Function MF Card Module
Voice Prompt Buzzer
Power Supply DC 12V
Operating Temperature 0 ~ 45°C (32°~113°F)
Protection Grade IP65
Dimension(L x W x H) 102 x 50 x 37mm


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