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ZKTeco ZK8500R/ID fingerprint & Card scanner


Efficiently manage access with ZKTeco’s ZK8500R/ID fingerprint & card scanner. Advanced technology ensures reliable authentication, enhancing security. Explore seamless access control solutions for your business needs.

> Read Mifare card and ID card number
> High-performance optical fingerprint sensor
> Available SDK for further development


The ZKTeco ZK8500R/ID fingerprint and card scanner is a cutting-edge biometric device designed for precise and secure identity verification. This sophisticated scanner seamlessly integrates fingerprint recognition and RFID card reading capabilities, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in various applications such as access control, time attendance, and identity authentication.

At the core of the ZK8500R/ID scanner lies advanced biometric technology, ensuring reliable and fast fingerprint recognition. Utilizing a high-resolution optical sensor, it captures intricate fingerprint details with exceptional clarity, enabling rapid and precise authentication. Whether used in high-traffic environments or for individual access control, the scanner delivers consistent performance, minimizing false rejections and unauthorized access.

In addition to fingerprint recognition, the ZK8500R/ID scanner features RFID card reading functionality, expanding its versatility and usability. With support for various RFID card formats, including EM, Mifare, and HID, the scanner seamlessly integrates into existing security systems, providing a comprehensive solution for identity verification. Users can effortlessly authenticate using either their fingerprint or RFID card, offering flexibility and convenience in diverse environments.

The ZK8500R/ID scanner boasts a user-friendly interface, enhancing usability for both administrators and end-users. Equipped with intuitive software, it allows for easy configuration and management of user profiles, access permissions, and authentication settings. The device supports multiple communication interfaces, including USB and RS232, facilitating seamless integration with different systems and devices.

Designed with security in mind, the ZK8500R/ID scanner incorporates advanced encryption algorithms to safeguard sensitive biometric data and ensure secure communication between the device and the host system. Compliance with industry standards and regulations further reinforces its reliability and trustworthiness in data protection.

Whether deployed in corporate offices, government agencies, or educational institutions, the ZKTeco ZK8500R/ID fingerprint and card scanner delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, and security in identity verification. With its seamless integration of fingerprint and RFID card reading capabilities, intuitive interface, and robust security features, it sets a new standard for biometric authentication solutions, empowering organizations to enhance security and streamline access control processes with confidence. View All Products


Weight 0.27 kg
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 3 cm


Model Name ZK8500R
Material Optical
Flash 16 KB
Image Quality 0.3 million pixels CMOS
Sunlight Operation White filed, General Sunlight
Water Splash YES
Card Reader 125KHz EM & 13.56MHz Mifare
Operating System Windows2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8(32/64bit)
LED Green
Power Voltage 5V (USB)
Power Current 300mA
Communication USB 2.0 / USB1.1 / USB1.0
Interface Socket USB Type A
Image Resolution 500 dpi
Effective Collecting Area 13.24 * 15.7 mm
Collecting Area 15.4*18 mm
Image Size 280*360 pixel
Dimension 124.5 * 102 * 34mm (L*W*H)
Gray Level 256
Weight 0.27kg
Operating Environment -20 °C ~ +50 °C; 90% r.h.


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