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Aula N-69 RGB Gaming Desktop Speaker 2.0


Experience immersive gaming audio with the Aula N-69 RGB Gaming Desktop Speaker 2.0. Dynamic sound, surround sound, sleek design, and easy controls for the ultimate gaming experience.

> Dynamic Sound & Surround Sound
> Full-frequency unit field depth sounder
> Metal mesh cover & dustproof, no fading & not easy to deform
> Clear natural sound
> Cool lighting experience
> Bass enhancement gradually releases a powerful Fuba stop sound effect
> USB power supply & wire volume control
> Single button control & side button control volume


Aula N-69

Introducing the Aula N-69 RGB Gaming Desktop Speaker 2.0, the ultimate addition to your gaming setup for an immersive audio experience. These speakers are designed to take your gaming audio to the next level, offering dynamic sound and surround sound capabilities that bring your games to life.

With a full-frequency unit field depth sounder, you’ll experience audio like never before, with rich, deep tones and crystal-clear highs. The metal mesh cover not only adds a touch of sleek design to your desktop but also serves as a dustproof shield, preventing fading and deformation over time.

The Aula N-69 speakers deliver clear, natural sound, ensuring you catch every subtle detail in your favorite games. But that’s not all; they also come with a cool lighting experience that adds a vibrant ambiance to your gaming environment.

One standout feature is the bass enhancement, gradually releasing a powerful Fuba stop sound effect, making every explosion and dramatic moment in your games more impactful.

These speakers are easy to control, featuring a USB power supply and wire volume control. With both a single button control and side button control for volume adjustments, you have full command over your audio experience, whether you want to turn up the volume for an intense gaming session or lower it for a more peaceful background atmosphere.

The Aula N-69 RGB Gaming Desktop Speaker 2.0 merges cutting-edge audio technology with elegant design and user-friendly controls to revolutionize your gaming audio. Dive into a world of dynamic, immersive sound, experiencing games like never before. Crystal-clear audio ensures you won’t miss a single detail. These speakers aren’t just about sound, though; they also offer a captivating lighting experience. With powerful bass enhancement, your gaming moments are heightened to the max. Easy volume control is at your fingertips, thanks to USB power and intuitive buttons. Elevate your gameplay to new heights with these extraordinary speakers; your ears will thank you. View All Products

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 5 × 6 × 7 cm


Elevate your gaming audio with Aula N-69 RGB Gaming Desktop Speaker 2.0. Immerse in dynamic sound, cool lighting, and precise controls for a gaming experience like never before.

Brand Aula
Model Speaker
Product weight 500G
Product size: 185*115*130mm



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