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Huntkey GS700 80+ Rated Power Supply


The Huntkey GS700 80+ Rated Power Supply is an upgraded version designed to meet the power demands of gaming PCs.

> Upgraded Version
> Rated 600W Power Supply
> +12V Single-rail
> 85% Energy Efficiency & 80 PLUS Certified
> Reliable Power Supply with Active PFC
> Excellent Heat Dissipation & Soundless Performance
> Multiple Protections & 3-year Warranty
> Ultra Durable Covering Shell
> Power Supply For Gaming PC

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The Huntkey GS700 80+ Rated Power Supply is an upgraded version designed to meet the power demands of gaming PCs. With its powerful specifications and reliable performance, this power supply delivers the necessary power for an enhanced gaming experience.

The GS700 is a rated 600W power supply, providing ample power for gaming systems with high-performance components. It can handle the power requirements of gaming PCs, including powerful graphics cards, processors, and multiple peripherals.

Featuring a +12V single-rail design, the GS700 ensures stable and consistent power delivery to your components, even during intense gaming sessions. This design is crucial for gaming PCs that demand a steady power supply to support high-end graphics and processing requirements.

With an energy efficiency rating of over 85% and 80 PLUS certification, the GS700 meets strict energy efficiency standards. It maximizes power conversion and minimizes energy loss, resulting in lower electricity costs and reduced environmental impact.

The power supply is equipped with active PFC (Power Factor Correction), which optimizes power efficiency and improves power delivery. This ensures stable voltage regulation and reduces the risk of power fluctuations, providing a reliable power supply for your gaming system.

To prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance, the GS700 features excellent heat dissipation capabilities. Its cooling system effectively dissipates heat, keeping the power supply and internal components cool, even during extended gaming sessions. The silent operation of the cooling system ensures a soundless performance, minimizing distractions while gaming.

The GS700 offers multiple protections to safeguard your components and maintain system stability. It includes protections against overvoltage, undervoltage, short circuit, and overloading, protecting your gaming PC from potential damage caused by electrical issues.

Huntkey stands behind the reliability and quality of the GS700 by providing a 3-year warranty. This warranty coverage provides peace of mind and assures you of the power supply’s durability and long-term performance.

The power supply features an ultra-durable covering shell, ensuring its sturdiness and protection. The durable shell not only enhances the power supply’s lifespan but also adds a sleek and professional aesthetic to your gaming PC.

In conclusion, the Huntkey GS700 80+ Rated Power Supply is a reliable and high-performance power solution designed specifically for gaming PCs. With its upgraded features, high energy efficiency, active PFC, excellent heat dissipation, multiple protections, and 3-year warranty, this power supply delivers stable and optimal power to support your gaming adventures. Power up your gaming PC with the Huntkey GS700 and immerse yourself in an exceptional gaming experience. View All Products

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