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Huntkey SZN607 Five universal standard outlets Power Strips


Elevate your power solutions with the Huntkey SZN607 Power Strip. Featuring five universal standard outlets, it’s your versatile and reliable choice for all your electronic devices.

> Two powered USB ports (2.4 AMP Combined)
> Five universal standard outlets
> Child-protective shutters
> Double break safety switch
> Flame retardant material
> Integral copper bar
> MAX2500W-MAX10A, 250V


The Huntkey SZN607 Power Strip offers a robust and versatile solution for powering multiple devices simultaneously. With its five universal standard outlets, this power strip is designed to accommodate various plugs, making it suitable for use with electronics and appliances from different regions around the world.

Crafted with quality and safety in mind, the SZN607 features a durable construction that ensures reliable performance. Its compact design makes it ideal for use in homes, offices, or any environment where space is limited. Whether you need to power your computer, television, gaming console, or other devices, this power strip provides ample outlets for your needs.

Equipped with surge protection, the Huntkey SZN607 safeguards your connected devices against voltage spikes and fluctuations, offering peace of mind during power surges or electrical storms. This feature helps prevent damage to your valuable electronics, ensuring they remain protected at all times.

The power strip also incorporates a built-in circuit breaker, which automatically shuts off power to the strip in the event of an overload or short circuit, further enhancing safety and protecting your devices from potential hazards.

Designed for user convenience, the Huntkey SZN607 features a long power cord that allows for flexible placement, so you can easily reach distant outlets without the need for extension cords. The power switch with an integrated LED indicator enables you to easily control the flow of electricity to the connected devices while providing a visual cue of the strip’s operational status.

With its sleek and modern design, the SZN607 blends seamlessly into any environment, adding functionality without sacrificing aesthetics. Whether used on a desk, under a workstation, or mounted on a wall, its understated appearance complements any décor while providing essential power distribution capabilities.

In conclusion, the Huntkey SZN607 Power Strip offers a reliable, safe, and convenient solution for powering multiple devices simultaneously. Its universal outlets, surge protection, circuit breaker, and user-friendly design make it an essential accessory for any home or office setting. View All Products

Weight 0.78 kg
Dimensions 39.6 × 6 × 3.1 cm


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