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Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS Matching Battery Pack


Enhance Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS reliability with matching battery pack, ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical systems. Optimal performance and peace of mind in backup power solutions.

> Reliable Power Supply
> Seamless Integration
> Enhanced Performance
> Continuous Operation
> Critical System Support


The Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS Matching Battery Pack is a reliable and efficient power solution designed to complement the performance of the Kstar RTII-BR 20009 uninterruptible power supply (UPS). Engineered to meet the demands of critical power backup applications, this battery pack ensures seamless power continuity for various environments including data centers, telecommunications facilities, industrial settings, and more.

At the heart of this battery pack is cutting-edge technology that delivers exceptional reliability and performance. It features high-quality, maintenance-free valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) batteries, renowned for their long service life and robust performance in demanding conditions. These batteries are specifically selected and configured to integrate seamlessly with the Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS, maximizing efficiency and providing uninterrupted power during outages or fluctuations in the main power supply.

With a capacity tailored to meet the requirements of the RTII-BR 20009 UPS, this matching battery pack ensures optimal performance and extended runtime to safeguard critical equipment and data. Whether supporting servers, networking equipment, or other essential loads, users can rely on the consistent and stable power delivered by this battery pack.

Installation and maintenance are streamlined to minimize downtime and ensure hassle-free operation. The battery pack is designed for easy integration with the RTII-BR 20009 UPS, featuring plug-and-play connectivity and user-friendly installation procedures. Additionally, its durable construction and advanced battery management systems enhance safety and reliability, providing peace of mind to users.

Furthermore, the battery pack incorporates intelligent monitoring and diagnostic capabilities to facilitate proactive maintenance and maximize battery life. Comprehensive management software allows users to monitor battery health, voltage levels, and other crucial parameters remotely, enabling preemptive action to prevent potential issues and optimize performance.

In summary, the Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS Matching Battery Pack offers a robust, reliable, and efficient power solution for critical applications. With its seamless integration, long-term reliability, and advanced monitoring capabilities, it ensures uninterrupted power availability, safeguarding sensitive equipment and data against unexpected power disruptions. View All Products

Weight 75.6 kg
Dimensions 85 × 58 × 27 cm


Product Name Kstar RTII-BR 20009 UPS Matching Battery Pack (BRAND NEW)
Battery Box Included
Model YDC9100-RT(New) RTII-BR 20009
Voltage ±120Vdc
Color Black fine grain
Battery Quantity 20pcs
Battery Type 9AH/12V
Compatibility RTII-BR 20009 UPS


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