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Powerlogic M173-3BB Micro ATX PC Case


Discover ultimate versatility with the Powerlogic M173-3BB Micro ATX PC Case. Sleek design, efficient cooling, and customizable features make it the perfect choice for your compact gaming or productivity setup.

> Micro ATX form factor
> Sleek and modern design
> Efficient cooling system
> Customizable features


The Powerlogic M173-3BB Micro ATX PC Case is a compact yet versatile solution designed to house your computing components efficiently and stylishly. With a sleek black exterior and a minimalist design, it seamlessly blends into any workspace or gaming setup.

Measuring just the right size for Micro ATX motherboards, this case offers a balance between space-saving and expansion capability. Despite its small footprint, it provides ample room for standard components like GPUs, storage drives, and cooling solutions. The interior layout is intelligently crafted to optimize airflow and ensure effective cooling for your system, keeping temperatures in check even during intense gaming sessions or heavy workloads.

One of the standout features of the Powerlogic M173-3BB is its modular design, which simplifies the installation and customization process. The tool-free design allows for easy access to internal components, making upgrades or maintenance hassle-free. Whether you’re a seasoned PC builder or a first-time user, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly design that this case offers.

In terms of compatibility, the M173-3BB caters to a wide range of hardware configurations. It accommodates multiple storage drives, including SSDs and HDDs, enabling you to store your games, media files, and applications without compromise. Additionally, it supports various cooling options, including air and liquid cooling solutions, giving you the flexibility to choose the setup that best suits your needs.

Despite its compact size, this case doesn’t skimp on connectivity options. It features front-facing USB ports for easy access to peripherals, along with audio jacks for headphones and microphones. Whether you’re plugging in a gaming headset or transferring files from a USB drive, you’ll find the connectivity you need right at your fingertips.

Overall, the Powerlogic M173-3BB Micro ATX PC Case combines style, functionality, and performance in a compact package. Whether you’re building a gaming rig, a multimedia workstation, or a home office PC, this case provides the versatility and reliability you need to bring your vision to life. With its thoughtful design and feature-rich construction, it’s an excellent choice for enthusiasts and casual users alike. View All Products

Weight 3.6 kg
Dimensions 36 × 17 × 35.8 cm


Chasis size L320mm x W173mm x H350
Drive Bays External 1 x 5.25″+1×3.5″
Expansion slots 4
Fan port:front 1 x 120mm(optional) rear:1 x 80mm(optional) side: 1 x 120mm(optional)
m/B form factor Micro Atx/Mini AtX
Power Supply ATX-700W
Font I/O 2x USB2.0 1 x HD Audio


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