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Powerlogic P800W 800 Watts Power Supply


Reliable Powerlogic P800W delivers 800 watts, ensuring stable and efficient power supply for your system’s needs, ideal for high-performance computing and gaming setups.

> 800 Watts Power Output
> Reliable and Stable Performance
> Suitable for High-Performance Computing
> Ideal for Gaming Setups
> Efficient Power Supply


The Powerlogic P800W 800 Watts Power Supply is a robust and reliable solution designed to meet the demanding power needs of modern computer systems. Boasting an impressive 800 watts of power output, this PSU offers ample capacity to support high-performance gaming rigs, workstation setups, and enthusiast-grade hardware configurations.

At the heart of the Powerlogic P800W lies advanced engineering and premium components, ensuring stable and efficient power delivery to your system components. Equipped with an 80 Plus Bronze certification, this power supply unit achieves high levels of energy efficiency, reducing wasted power and lowering operating costs over time. This certification also signifies its adherence to strict quality and performance standards, guaranteeing a dependable power supply solution for your system.

The P800W features a modular cable design, allowing users to connect only the cables they need for their specific setup. This not only reduces cable clutter inside the case but also improves airflow, promoting better cooling performance and overall system stability. The included cables are of high quality, featuring durable connectors and ample length to accommodate various case sizes and component layouts.

With a comprehensive array of protection features, including over-voltage protection (OVP), under-voltage protection (UVP), over-power protection (OPP), and short-circuit protection (SCP), the Powerlogic P800W safeguards your valuable hardware against potential damage from power surges or faults, providing peace of mind during extended gaming sessions or intensive workloads.

The P800W is engineered for quiet operation, employing a silent 120mm fan with intelligent speed control to effectively dissipate heat while keeping noise levels to a minimum. Whether you’re engaging in intense gaming sessions or tackling demanding computational tasks, this PSU ensures a quiet and comfortable environment for uninterrupted focus.

In conclusion, the Powerlogic P800W 800 Watts Power Supply delivers exceptional performance, efficiency, and reliability, making it an ideal choice for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals seeking a high-quality power solution to fuel their computing needs. With its robust construction, modular design, and comprehensive protection features, the P800W provides the power and peace of mind necessary for demanding computing environments. View All Products

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 5.9 × 5.6 × 3.5 cm


Power Output 800 Watts
ATX Compliance Compliant with ATX 12V version 2.2
Compatibility Compliant with latest multi-core CPU motherboards and high-end GPUs
Dual 12V Rails Design Provides independent output currents for CPUs
Voltage ATX 12V


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