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TP-Link TL-SG3210XHP-M2 L2+ Managed Switch


Explore TP-Link TL-SG3210XHP-M2: A JetStream 8-Port 2.5GBASE-T, 2-Port 10GE SFP+ L2+ Managed Switch with 8-Port PoE+. Efficiently manage networks with high-speed connections and Power over Ethernet capabilities.

> Centralized, Secure Management
> 10G Lightning-Fast Uplink
> 2.5G PoE+ Ports
> 240W PoE Budget
> Omada SDN Integration
> Static Routing for Efficiency
> Robust Security Strategies
> Enhanced Voice/Video QoS


The TP-Link TL-SG3210XHP-M2 L2+ Managed Switch is a robust networking solution designed to meet the demands of small to medium-sized businesses seeking advanced management features and reliable performance. With its array of capabilities, this switch empowers businesses to optimize their networks for efficiency, security, and scalability.

Equipped with eight Gigabit Ethernet ports and two 10-Gigabit SFP+ slots, the TL-SG3210XHP-M2 offers high-speed connectivity for both wired and fiber-optic networks. This versatile combination of ports allows for flexible deployment options, whether connecting servers, workstations, storage devices, or other networking equipment.

At the heart of its functionality lies Layer 2+ management features, providing enhanced control over network traffic and ensuring efficient data transmission. Administrators can segment the network, prioritize traffic, and implement VLANs (Virtual Local Area Networks) to optimize performance and enhance security. Additionally, features such as Quality of Service (QoS) enable the prioritization of critical applications, ensuring they receive the necessary bandwidth for smooth operation.

The TL-SG3210XHP-M2 offers comprehensive security measures to safeguard the network against unauthorized access and potential threats. With support for IEEE 802.1X authentication and Access Control Lists (ACLs), administrators can control user access and restrict unauthorized devices from connecting to the network. Furthermore, the switch supports IP-MAC-Port Binding, DHCP Snooping, and ARP Inspection to mitigate various network attacks and ensure data integrity.

For network monitoring and management, the switch features an intuitive web-based management interface, allowing administrators to configure settings, monitor performance, and troubleshoot issues with ease. Additionally, it supports SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for integration with network management systems, enabling centralized monitoring and control.

Designed with energy efficiency in mind, the TL-SG3210XHP-M2 incorporates advanced power-saving technologies to reduce energy consumption without compromising performance. Features such as IEEE 802.3az Energy Efficient Ethernet and Intelligent Power Management help minimize power usage during periods of low network activity, contributing to cost savings and environmental sustainability.

In summary, the TP-Link TL-SG3210XHP-M2 L2+ Managed Switch combines high performance, advanced management features, and robust security measures to deliver a reliable networking solution for businesses looking to optimize their network infrastructure.  View All Products

Weight 2.948 kg
Dimensions 18 × 44 × 4.4 cm


Interface • 8× 100/1000/2500 Mbps RJ45 Ports
• 2× 10G SFP+ Slots
• 1× RJ45 Console Port
• 1× Micro-USB Console Port
Fan Quantity 2
Power Supply 100-240 V AC~50/60 Hz
PoE Ports (RJ45) • Standard: 802.3at/af compliant
• PoE+ Ports: 8 Ports
• PoE Power Budget: 240 W*
Dimensions ( W x D x H ) 17.3 × 7.1 × 1.7 in (440 × 180 × 44 mm)
Mounting Rack Mountable
Max Power Consumption • V1: 291.49 W (110V/60Hz) (with 240 W PD connected); 17.24 W (110V/60Hz) (no PD connected)
• V2: 292.0W (110V/60Hz) (with 240 W PD connected)
Max Heat Dissipation • V1: 994.56 BTU/h (110 V/60 Hz) (with 240 W PD connected); 58.82 BTU/h (110 V/60 Hz) (no PD connected)
• V2: 996.35 BTU/hr (110 V/60 Hz) (with 240 W PD connected)
Switching Capacity 80 Gbps
Packet Forwarding Rate 59.52 Mpps
MAC Address Table 16 K
Packet Buffer Memory 12 Mbit
Jumbo Frame 9 KB
Quality of Service • 8 priority queues
• 802.1p CoS/DSCP priority
• Queue scheduling
– SP (Strict Priority)
– WRR (Weighted Round Robin)
• Bandwidth Control
– Port/Flow based Rating Limiting
• Smoother Performance
• Action for Flows
– Mirror (to supported interface)
– Redirect (to supported interface)
– Rate Limit
– QoS Remark
L3 Features • 16 IPv4/IPv6 Interfaces
• Static Routing
– 48 static routes
• Static ARP
– 128 Static Entries
• Proxy ARP
• Gratuitous ARP
• DHCP Server
• DHCP Relay
– DHCP Interface Relay
• DHCP L2 Relay
L2 and L2+ Features • Link Aggregation
– static link aggregation
– 802.3ad LACP
– Up to 8 aggregation groups, containing 8 ports per group
• Spanning Tree Protocol
– 802.1d STP
– 802.1w RSTP
– 802.1s MSTP
– STP Security: TC Protect, BPDU Filter, Root Protect
• Loopback Detection
– Port based
– VLAN based
• Flow Control
– 802.3x Flow Control
– HOL Blocking Prevention
• Mirroring
– Port Mirroring
– CPU Mirroring
– One-to-One
– Many-to-One
– Tx/Rx/Both
L2 Multicast • IGMP Snooping
– IGMP v1/v2/v3 Snooping
– Fast Leave
– IGMP Snooping Querier
– IGMP Authentication
• IGMP Authentication
• MLD Snooping
– MLD v1/v2 Snooping
– Fast Leave
– MLD Snooping Querier
– Static Group Config
– Limited IP Multicast
• Multicast Filtering: 256 profiles and 16 entries per profile
Advanced Features • Automatic Device Discovery
• Batch Configuration
• Batch Firmware Upgrading
• Intelligent Network Monitoring
• Abnormal Event Warnings
• Unified Configuration
• Reboot Schedule
– Max 4K VLAN Groups
• 802.1Q Tagged VLAN
• MAC VLAN: 10 Entries
• Protocol VLAN: Protocol Template 16, Protocol VLAN 16
• Private VLAN
– Port-Based QinQ
– Selective QinQ
• Voice VLAN
Access Control List • Time-based ACL
– Source MAC
– Destination MAC
– User Priority
– Ether Type
-Source IP
– Destination IP
– Fragment
– IP Protocol
– TCP Flag
– TCP/UDP Port
– User Priority
• Combined ACL
• Packet Content ACL
• IPv6 ACL
• Policy
– Mirroring
– Redirect
– Rate Limit
– QoS Remark
• ACL apply to Port/VLAN
Security • IP-MAC-Port Binding
– 512 Entries
– DHCP Snooping
– ARP Inspection
– IPv4 Source Guard: 100 Entries
• IPv6-MAC-Port Binding
– 512 Entries
– DHCPv6 Snooping
– ND Detection
– IPv6 Source Guard: 100 Entries
• DoS Defend
• Static/Dynamic Port Security
– Up to 64 MAC addresses per port
• Broadcast/Multicast/Unicast Storm Control
– kbps/ratio control mode
• 802.1X
– Port base authentication
– Mac base authentication
– VLAN Assignment
– Guest VLAN
– Support Radius authentication andaccountability
• AAA (including TACACS+)
• Port Isolation
• Secure web management through HTTPS with SSLv3/TLS 1.2
• Secure Command Line Interface (CLI) management with SSHv1/SSHv2
• IP/Port/MAC based access control
IPv6 • IPv6 Dual IPv4/IPv6
• Multicast Listener Discovery (MLD) Snooping
• IPv6 ACL
• IPv6 Interface
• Static IPv6 Routing
• IPv6 neighbor discovery (ND)
• Path maximum transmission unit (MTU) discovery
• Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) version 6
• TCPv6/UDPv6
• IPv6 applications
– DHCPv6 Client
– Ping6
– Tracert6
– Telnet (v6)
– IPv6 SSH
– IPv6 SSL
– Http/Https
MIBs • MIB II (RFC1213)
• Interface MIB (RFC2233)
• Ethernet Interface MIB (RFC1643)
• Bridge MIB (RFC1493)
• P/Q-Bridge MIB (RFC2674)
• RMON MIB (RFC2819)
• RMON2 MIB (RFC2021)
• Radius Accounting Client MIB (RFC2620)
• Radius Authentication Client MIB (RFC2618)
• Remote Ping, Traceroute MIB (RFC2925)
• Support TP-Link private MIB
Omada App Yes. Requiring the use of OC300, OC200, Omada Cloud-Based Controller, or Omada Software Controller.
Centralized Management • Omada Cloud-Based Controller
• Omada Hardware Controller (OC300)
• Omada Hardware Controller (OC200)
• Omada Software Controller
Cloud Access Yes. Requiring the use of OC300, OC200, Omada Cloud-Based Controller, or Omada Software Controller.
Zero-Touch Provisioning Yes. Requiring the use of Omada Cloud-Based Controller.
Management Features • Web-based GUI
• Command Line Interface (CLI) through the console port, telnet
• SNMP v1/v2c/v3
– Trap/Inform
– RMON (1,2,3,9 groups)
• SDM Template
• 802.1ab LLDP/LLDP-MED
• DHCP AutoInstall
• Dual Image, Dual Configuration
• CPU Monitoring
• Cable Diagnostics
• Password Recovery
• System Log
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS
Package Contents •TL-SG3210XHP-M2 Switch
• Power Cord
• Quick Installation Guide
• Rackmount Kit
• Rubber Feet
System Requirements Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, Vista™ or Windows 7/8/10/11, MAC® OS, NetWare®, UNIX® or Linux.
Environment • Operating Temperature: 0–50 ℃ (32–122 ℉);
• Storage Temperature: -40–70 ℃ (-40–158 ℉)
• Operating Humidity: 10–90% RH non-condensing
• Storage Humidity: 5–90% RH non-condensing


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